Cocobana Beach Resort


Entertainment on the Bounty Beach

Good news for all Malapascua-Island-Visitors! The biggest Floating-Bar (144 square meters) in the Philippines is open again. For an excellent service guarantees the German Volker and his sexy girls!

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday there is an OPEN AIR DISCO from 8:pm to 12:pm midnight, if the weather is fine. This disco is located at the end of Bounty Beach in front of Mabuhay Restaurant, run by Mr Ramon.

There are several good restaurants and bars along the Bounty Beach. A terrific view overlooking the Bounty Beach you will get from the ROOFTOP RESTAURANT and BUDDHA BAR in Cocobana Beach Resort. Also enjoy the nice food and all the cold drinks served by our charming bartenders.

There are also a bunch of excellent dive shops in Malapascua Island.

There is also an Internet Coffee located at the hilltop on the way from Bounty Beach to Logon Village.

A further internet cafe is located directly next to the boat-pier in the Barrio Logon.

Cocobana Restaurant and Bar has its own WIFI Internet Connection, and it is free for the Cocobana guest.