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Transfer from Cebu City to Malapascua Island by Bus, Taxi and Boat

Buses depart from Cebu City to Maya from 5:am to 3:pm. The two bus companies CERES LINER and D'Rough RIDERS start from the northern bus terminal, near Shoe Mart Shopping Center. The 140km bus trip takes about 4 hours and cost P/200. The Taxi from Cebu City or from Mactan Airport to Maya takes less than 3 hours and cost P/2900, USD/70, EUR/54 or CHF/66.

The road from Sogod to Bogo (40 km) was renewed. The construction is now complete!

The regular passenger boat from Maya to Malapascua operates from 7:30 am up to 4:pm, price P/100 per person. These boats stop at the docking area at Logon Village. From there to the Bounty Beach you have to walk about 7 minutes.

It is also possible to hire your own boat to cross over from Maya to Malapascua Island. Such a special trip cost P/1100 from morning up to 5:pm and from 5:pm P/1500 to P/2000. That's why we advise our guest to arrive in Maya not too late.

These special boat trips anchor directly on Bounty Beach. The 7km boat trip from Maya to Malapascua takes 30 to 50 minutes. It depends on the weather condition. If it's low tide in Maya, the bigger boats can not anchor close to the pier. Small boats will bring the passengers to the big outrigger boat. It cost P/30 per person and an additional charge of P/30 for a heavy luggage.

Hotels and Resorts on the way from Cebu City to Malapascua

If you don't want to travel the 140km trip by Bus and Boat from Cebu City or from the Airport to Malapascua in one day you can have a rest on the way.
Either a Pension House, a Hotel or a Beach Resort.

A list of the most well-known hotels can be found on the page Opens internal link in current windowOvernight stays on the way to Malapascua.